Our position is simple. If the Ministry of Labour advises callers about their severance entitlements, they should always explain, on the phone, that there are minimum entitlements under the ESA, as well as potential additional entitlements under the common law. They may want to suggest that the callers seek legal advice. At the very least, they should emphasize that they are only able to provide advice with respect to the ESA, but that the ESA is not the only law that deals with termination/severance entitlements. After all, they do this on their website (although in places where many readers likely don’t see it – at the absolute bottom of some of their web pages). But why are they not saying the same thing to people who take the time to call to inquire about their entitlements, or employers that call regarding their obligations towards employees? We believe that many employees and employers have suffered significant losses over the years as a result of the Ministry’s failure to do these things. We want to help such employees and employers to assess whether they have a claim which may be pursued against the Ministry, and to assist them to recover compensation with respect of the losses they have suffered.